Supplying Quality Proteins and Ingredient Solutions to the Pet Food Industry.


Besides producing quality products for our furry family members, we simultaneously produce products that are friendly to our planet. SRC Milling creates sustainability by keeping nutrient rich raw materials from going to waste.

The cooking process of rendering produces quality proteins and fats from animal co-products— there’s no waste— thus providing a sustainable supply of food for pets, poultry, and ultimately pet parents. 

We pledge to maintain transparency for the source and quality of every ingredient— our customers demand it. SRC supplies comprehensive details for every aspect of each ingredient, including­ the ingredient's makeup as well as when, how, and where it was produced. This level of transparency ensures confidence we are delivering on our promise to provide safe, quality products to our valued customers. 

We are proud of our products and love talking about it, so if you have questions, ask away!

SRC believes in treating all family members with respect and love, regardless of whether they are covered in fur.

Pet owners expect the same high quality of ingredients found in the foods they eat, as those for their furry family members. SRC satisfies this need by supplying the highest quality protein products and other ingredients that are both safe and nutritious for pet food, while mimicking what animals eat in the wild.