SRC Milling manufacturers and imports nutrient rich protein meals for use in modern pet food, pet treats, aquaculture and poultry feed. What's more, we partner with our valued customers to seek out and find specialty ingredient solutions for new or existing product formulations.

Lamb Meal


Looking for Fresh USA Lamb?


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Looking for Fresh USA Lamb?

Let us assist you with the sourcing of USA Origin lamb cuts for your pet food or treat formulation.

Superior Farms Lamb Cuts

USDA Ground Lamb

Lamb Aitch Bone

Lamb Cheek Meat

Lamb Ears

Lamb Femur

Lamb Feet Clean

Lamb Foretrotter

Lamb Gullet

Lamb Heart

Lamb Kidney

Lamb Liver

Lamb Lung

Lamb Paddle Bone

Lamb Pizzle

Lamb Spleen

Lamb Stew Meat

Lamb Sweetbreads

Lamb Testicles

Lamb Tongue

Lamb Trachea

Lamb Tripe

Lamb Weasand




Superior Farms


Free Fatty Acid: max. 6%

Iodine Value: max. 60

MIU: max. 2%

Country of Origin: USA