Full Service

SRC Milling prides itself in being the premier supplier of quality protein meals, fats, and other innovative ingredient solutions. We inspire one another to work with integrity and a caring attitude towards strong values in product quality. These principles guide our actions to deliver products that meet or exceed our partnering customer’s expectations. They are essential for the achievement of our ambition to be recognized as the trusted leader in the industry. 



We pride ourselves on the ability to coordinate with our partners to provide you with a variety of proteins to fit your needs. As you think about what protein sources to use, make the right choice and invest in our affordable quality proteins for your product formulations. SRC manufactures protein meals such as lamb meal, beef meal, chicken meal and more. In addition, we can source and inventory an array of specialty or novel proteins from overseas such as duck, rabbit, venison, and kangaroo.


Custom Solutions

A genuine eagerness exists at SRC to listen to our customer’s requests. We hear you, and make every effort to fulfill any and all ingredient or service requests. Our goal is to be your true partner in maintaining a safe and quality supply of ingredients. Meeting these expectations requires outstanding services, so SRC offers a variety of on-site services including rendering, custom blending, particle sizing, screening, preservation, ash analysis, NIR analysis and product distribution. Rest assured, you can find confidence in our services because we oversee all facets of the supply chain from raising, harvesting, and the manufacturing of ingredients until they reach the final product, and ultimately the consumer.


Import Screening & Evaluation

Our team maintains transparency about the quality and source of our ingredients. Our imported proteins undergo additional evaluations and screening by our experts to ensure the highest quality.